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The Writing Salon is unlike any other event for writers. It seeks to draw inspiration from unlikely places as it dissects genre and narrative, explores fiction and non-fiction, and dives into all forms of storytelling.

Through a mixture of video, audio, theory, practical exercises, interviews with guests, and a very social and engaged membership it will make you feel energised about your writing.

Everyone is welcome, as well as all writing genres and formats. Some members have no previous writing experience – others write regularly for stage, page and screen. Whatever your level, you’ll get a warm welcome.

Lips on Unfamiliar Skin


Lips on Unfamiliar Skin

We believe that writers should write for readers. In this anthology, we set out to take members through the entire publication process, from choosing themes, formats, word count, selection, editing, and publication. It is a pleasure to bring their work to your attention.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of storytelling sessions do you offer?

The Writing Salon is primarily for people looking to improve their writing, whether through practical exercises, genre deconstruction, or inspiration. However, this is not restricted to fiction writing. We have many regular members who write non-fiction. Everyone is welcome. In addition we offer private sessions for businesses/organisations/private groups looking to understand more about story structure, and how to use it more effectively. Get in touch and we can discuss your bespoke requirement. We can offer bespoke deals from one-off events to an ongoing series of private events.

Do I have to pay to attend The Writing Salon?

There will always be a free version of The Writing Salon, but some in-person events may require you to be a member of the venue in order to attend. We only have a small guest list to do book in early in you want to attend.

In time, the entire back catalogue of The Writing Salon will be placed online and you can sign-up for news about our upcoming subscription service.

Can you teach me how to write?

We can share what we know and what has worked for us. If that helps you learn then great, but we aren’t teachers.

Can I advertise my book/event on your social channels?

We allow regular members of The Writing Salon to use our platform. In return we request that you ask permission before posting, and help us understand how members will benefit from your announcement.