events and masterclasses

Our Creative Director Mark runs the monthly Writing Salon at the Hospital Club in London. The following list provides examples of some of these sessions. Click “here” if you like to know more about how we can create a bespoke session just for you and your group.

  • From Page to Screen – an in-depth look at the complex and often controversial world of taking a novel and bringing it to the big screen.
  • Creating Characters and Worlds – tips and tricks to create compelling characters and fleshing out the worlds they inhabit.
  • Show don’t tell – a deep dive into how filmmakers convey huge amounts of information without it feeling like you are being lectured at.
  • Endings – we spend so much time on our openings that we often forget to think through how to bring a piece of work to closure.
  • Dystopian fiction – an examination and analysis of the tropes in dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction.

We run a series of masterclasses that will appeal to writers, filmmakers, and creative industry freelancers. Examples of our sessions are as follows.

  • Working with an agent/editor
  • The writer/producer relationship – how to make sure this critical partnership delivers on every level
  • Film genre and its impact on your budget and sales

Defeating the Joker in a world without Batman – Our regular session which looks at the crossover between creativity and business acumen. Previous sessions have included:

  • The critical business skills that creative freelancers must have
  • The valuable lessons that are hidden inside some of Hollywood’s most memorable films and how they equip you with the tools you need to avoid disaster on your project
  • How to get on a major corporation’s Preferred Supplier List

In addition, Mark also runs specially designed sessions on Storytelling for Businesses which are designed to help business executives understand the tools and techniques storytellers use to engage and hold an audience.  These sessions are particularly helpful for consultancy firms.

We also regularly present at conferences on a wide range of topics related to writing and filmmaking. Examples include:

  • The Rye in the Catcher – a presentation on the use of “addiction” in crime writing, delivered to the Captivating Criminality conference.
  • Writing historical fiction – a 2016 historical fiction conference hosted by Endeavour Press.