Defeating the Joker in a world without Batman – how to do business with the big shots when you’re not on the guest list.  The Hospital Club – Thursday November 9th 2017.

Defeating the Joker in a world without Batman returns as Hospital Club members Mark Heywood and Michael Walford Williams continue to share with you the secrets to keeping Gotham City safe, this time looking at what creative freelancers and small organisations need to know about rubbing shoulders with big business. And more importantly how to get a seat at the same table in the first place.

“We’re too small to land this deal…they’ll never go with us…” 

How many of you have experienced thoughts like that? Well here’s the thing. Size doesn’t matter and in this session Mark and Michael will explode this and several other myths that hold creatives back.  You’ll learn how to answer questions you don’t currently understand, jump over hurdles you don’t know exist, and avoid the most common pitfalls that could sink your pitch before you’ve even begun. We’ll give you an “unfair” advantage.

If you are a freelancer or running a small to medium organisation then this is for you.

Join Mark and Michael for an interactive session and then stay for drinks and networking as they reveal more about how these simple lessons can get you not just on the guest list, but a seat at the VIP table.

To fight the Joker, you’re going to need to be your own Batman. This session will help you find your way to the Batcave.

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