creative projects


We are collaborating with a US producer on a story about racial identity told through the eyes of a 12-year-old biracial girl. The film was shot in February 2019.You can keep up to date with the production at the official Facebook page here.  You can also...

Emerging Creatives 2018

In a recent collaboration, we worked with the team at Pocket Blockbuster to produce a series of short films showcasing the new crop of Emerging Creatives at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden.


Director: Conor Morgan Screenwriter: Mark Heywood Genre: Thriller Link: IMDb A pair of test subjects take part in a psychological study they don’t fully understand, under the watchful eye of Dr. Manganaro.

Brunette Baby

Director: Abner Pastoll Screenwriter: Mark Heywood Genre: Drama Link: IMDb @brunette_baby is 14. She’s just started her period and she wants to be Taylor Swift. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and so when she chats online with John she gets a thrill. Sadly...

I’m Your Man

Director: Mark Heywood Screenwriter: Mark Heywood Genre: Drama Link: IMDb Two people meet after 25 years and discover they have very different recollections of the event that changed their lives.


Director: Tunde Abiola Writers: Tunde Abiola (story by), Mark Heywood Genre: Drama Link: IMDB A 12-year-old girl fights for strength and happiness in ballet as her family falls apart. In 2018 the film was accepted into the Gasparilla Film Festival and The...

A Billion to One

Creator: Marty Shea Stars: Mehdi Aroom, Nick Chandler, Dennis Corsi Show Producers: COLLABFEATURE Link: IMDb A global search to find the one good soul.

Rhubarb Ghetto

Director: Mark Heywood Screenwriter: Mark Heywood Genre:  Drama  Welcome to the Rhubarb Ghetto.  Rhubarb Ghetto is a story about the gentrification of urban landscapes and the hypocrisy behind the social division this creates.  Currently in...