coaching for actors

If you are preparing for an audition or rehearsing a monologue for performance Mark can help you explore the text in detail before going off-book practice performing in front of a director before the audition / casting – often the first time an actor does this is at the casting and this is a great opportunity to make sure you are ready to go record pieces to camera and then watch the unedited footage back with an experienced director record and edit a performance directly into your show reel
These sessions are ideal for actors wanting to learn from and act opposite others. In these sessions you can develop your craft by exploring characters you’d never normally play by being deliberately cast against type participate in simulated rehearsals of different scenes to build up muscle memory and to experiment with a variety of different textual styles and genres
Damian Lynch ~ Brighton, UK

Damian Lynch I worked with Mark recently to prepare a monologue that I would be performing at Monologue Slam UK at Theatre Royal Stratford East in London. Even before my first rehearsal session with him, Mark had done his research and prepared a list of questions based on the text for us to discuss. We spent part of the first session exploring the text in detail and discussing the context in which it was set. In the second half of the session, we got the piece up on its feet and, under Mark’s direction, started to explore the voice of my character and the potential challenges of the piece. Over the course of the next few rehearsal sessions, Mark gave me clear and helpful direction about how to approach the piece, working closely with me to ensure I was comfortable and confident with my own interpretation of the text.

Mark’s style of coaching is very collaborative and bespoke. He doesn’t strive to imprint a ‘one-size-fits-all’ coaching method, but rather, through finding out about me as a person and an actor, tailored the coaching to my needs and encouraged me to try different approaches to the text that I may not have thought of before.

On the day of performance, I felt confident, prepared and can safely say…I SMASHED IT! I would highly recommend Mark to any actor looking to practise their craft in preparation for an audition or performance.