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At inkjockey we believe in the transformational nature of storytelling. We tell stories that move people.

In addition to a slate of creative projects across film, theatre and television we provide a range of creative solutions for clients.  Whether you’re an actor getting ready for an audition, a writer looking for inspiration, or a business looking to harness the power of storytelling we have a solution to help.

Mark Heywood
Creative Director

Emma Herbert
Operations Manager

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The End of the Line

“Sometimes the answer to why you don’t have kids has to come from a dark place.” The End of the Line is a new audio-fiction podcast featuring 12 women across 12 bite-size monologues, each of whom shares one thing in common – they don’t have children. For some, this is...

A Billion To One

The first season of "A Billion to One" is well underway. It's been a privilege to work on this project.  You can check out episode one here, and the rest of the season on Amazon Instant Video.  

Rhubarb Ghetto

A raw, explosive story about life on either side of an underpass. Billy is a gang leader tying up loose ends before disappearing to escape the clutches of a mysterious character named Pavel. Scarlet is the mother of their 15-year-old child Alfie. Rhubarb...


We are collaborating with a US producer on a story about racial identity told through the eyes of a 12-year-old biracial girl. The film was shot in February 2019.You can keep up to date with the production at the official Facebook page here.  You can also...

Emerging Creatives 2018

Emerging Creatives 2018

In a recent collaboration, we worked with the team at Pocket Blockbuster to produce a series of short films showcasing the new crop of Emerging Creatives at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden.

inkjockey studio

inkjockey studio

The doors to the new inkjockey studio are now open! You'll love our studio quality video animations. You can create logo stingers, calls-to-action, intros, outros, and even live action videos. Whether you are looking to promote a small business or build...