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Rhubarb Ghetto

Rhubarb Ghetto is a raw, explosive story set in a graffiti-strewn underpass in London featuring the characters of Billy and Scarlet.

Billy is a gang leader tying up loose ends before disappearing to escape the clutches of a mysterious character named Pavel. Scarlet is the mother of their 15-year-old child Alfie.

Rhubarb Ghetto is an intimate portrayal of a relationship two decades in the making. It looks at choices and lost opportunities. It poses uncertain futures for the characters against the backdrop of life in London where rich and poor live side by side. It looks at the turf-war at the heart of the capital and the gentrification that has replaced council estates with hipsters, coffee culture, and urban allotments.

Life in London can change dramatically in the length of a single underpass. Luxury flats on one side. Gangs and drugs on the other. Whichever side of the underpass we live on defines our choices and our future. But in the shadow of City Hall, we all live in the Rhubarb Ghetto.

Rhubarb Ghetto was premiered at the VAULT Festival in London in 2020

Photographs by Steve Gregson

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 Inkjockey is currently in R&D for an exciting theatre project launching in 2022. Watch this space for more updates.

Photographs by Steve Gregson