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Rhubarb Ghetto

Audio Fiction

The End of the Line

The End of the Line is an audio-fiction podcast about how we treat women who don’t have kids.

For some, this is a conscious choice; for others, it simply never happened for a variety of reasons. Some have experienced loss and trauma, and some are happy living a child-free life. All of them, however, feel judged.

Showcasing brand new writing, the characters in each episode are based on true stories or inspired by the actors featured and their own life experiences.

Behind the Spine


Behind The Spine

Behind The Spine is a podcast which find learning opportunities for writers in the most unlikely of places.

It’s a crowded market, so we’ve set out to do something different. Focusing less on the actual craft of writing, and more on the lessons writers can learn from the world around them, Behind The Spine has a core listener base of writers. Whether short-stories or screenplays, fiction or non-fiction. If you put words on a page or a screen, this podcast is for you.

The audience comprises a wide range of writing experience, from accomplished novelists and screenwriters, to novice writers taking their first steps as wordsmiths.

The podcast is also of interest to people who want to learn about the narrative of a wide range of topics. From artificial intelligence to sport. From food & drink to a doctor’s bedside manner – anything that has a narrative.

Audio Production

inkjockey Bespoke

Want to harness the power of podcasting, but struggling to find the time? We have the perfect solution. From one-off specials to full-length series, we’ll develop, record and create your show. We’ll devise the concept, storyboard and script the episodes, research and book guests, and even present the show.

Through a mixture of remote and on-location recordings, we’ll craft the right audio for your business or project. Even the most hands-free production process requires a good deal of time investment from you, but not with our model. Once we have nailed down the theme for the podcast, we will take care of the rest.

Our team has extensive experience creating shows across multiple genres, including culture, science, technology, entertainment, true-crime and news. We’ve worked with magazines, big corporations, not-for-profits, charities, authors, actors and hobbyists.

There’s nothing we can’t handle. Meet the team here.

Here’s an example – listen to this feature we created for CulturAll magazine, in which we examine our relationship with alcohol, and the growing market of alcohol-free drinks.